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We are located at the corner of 62nd & Allisonville Rd. in the Big Lots plaza.   Call us at (317) 201-8922


Roasted  Bulk Coffee

Due to various growing seasons around the world, and slow coffee boats, all coffees may not be in stock on a given day. All coffee is small batch roasted multiple times per week, and available for shipping anywhere in North America. Our standard pricing is $15 per pound, or $7.50 per 1/2 pound; however, some specialty coffees may be slightly higher. 


Colombian Supremo, Colombian Decaf
Rich-tasting but light in flavor, slightly sweet, and not overly acidic

Costa Rican Royal Tarrazu
A full bodied bean with a mellow taste and excellent acidity

Mexican Altura
Medium bodied with a sweet, slightly nutty aftertast e

Guatemalan Antiqua
Well-balanced, mild, and richly fragrant with a smoky resonance

Kenya AA, Kenya AA Decaf

Smooth with a deep flavor & intense winy aftertaste, AA is Kenya's finest coffee


Brightly toned with clean, fruited notes & slightly floral aromatics


Gently aromatic and flavorful, with a mild acidity

​Ugandan Dark Roast

Exciting, strong, yet smooth with hints of fruity overtones

Tanzanian Peaberry
From the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro comes a sweetly acidic and wonderfully aromatic coffee. Enjoy the taste of sweet, flavorsome  coffee with wine and fruit overtones

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe
Intensely aromatic with a distinctively rich, balanced flavor

Sumatran Mandheling, Mandheling Decaf
Considered to be some of the world's best coffee, full flavored, smoky aroma with a silky aftertaste

Java Estate, Java Estate Decaf
Rich and smooth, full bodied with a pleasant aftertaste

French Roast, French Roast Decaf

Characterized by the dark roasted appearance of the coffee beans, followed by a rich and aromatic essence. It usually finishes off with a bold, strong taste that leaves the taste buds longing for more

Mocha Java
An almost chocolaty aftertaste, a rich & subtle sweetness, and smooth with an acidic undercurrent & distinctive aroma. My favorite!


Our own special blend, mild but flavorful. A great way to start your day!

Twilight Espresso, Espresso Decaf

If you like it dark and strong, this is for you. Slightly bitter with a deep taste and acidic overtones

North Shore Blend
Our own special blend of Asian & South American coffees.  Medium roast with unusual brightness.

Banana Foster

Black Forest Torte

Caramel Maple

Chocolate Raspberry

Cinnamon Hazelnut

Creme Brulee

French Vanilla
French Vanilla


Highland Grogg


Cinnamon Stickybun


Irish Cream
Pouring Coffee
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